Monday, May 28, 2007

Mobile Apartment With No Rent!

Ok, I'm a sucker for airships. But, who would not want to hover around in their own pimped out mobile apartment, which would surely run on some convenient, dirt cheap fuel, like dirt! Plus, have plenty of mounted weapons, and - if you're a Final Fantasy fan - a casino on board.

Layout and Design at SVA was not exactly my best class, but it was taught by one of the best teachers. I improved more quickly in that class than any other. This was just an attempt to revisit the techniques, do's, and don'ts taught in that class. I kind of rushed at the end, because I was starting to run out of ideas. With that said, you can tell the ship itself was the last thing to be painted. This was actually done back in January, I'm anxious to try something like it again.