Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Silly Strangers

Is it just me, or is animation one of the least understood art forms out there? Here is a list of common phrases I hear from people when on the subject of what I study:

"So you do, like, Disney?"

"So you draw Mickey Mouse/Donald/any Disney character?"

"Oh, like, all that kid's stuff"?

"Sounds kinda easy."

"You draw cartoons all day?" (Usually combined with the above phrase.)

I'm sure any animators reading this knows exactly what I'm talking about. This will usually come from a stranger, coworker (in a non "art" job), or an old family member. I don't often "do" Disney, nor do most animators sit around drawing Disney mascots (well, except one, everybody knows one). I think it goes without saying that animation is very time consuming and difficult as well.

I even once had someone I was sitting next to on a train absolutely refuse to believe that any life drawing was involved in animation. This woman disagreed in what was almost an angry manner and accused me as a liar. You would think I was talking about a Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory.

Yes this is all just one big excuse for not posting any real artwork. But it isn't for lack of drawing. I draw more than I did when I started this podcast, and right now I'm working on patching up my figure drawing, which was horribly lacking, especially when drawing from memory. A month ago I just could not recall the figure in my mind. Too bad it isn't still 2002.


Alden V said...

yeah... i agree. everyone assumes you want to work for Disney.

Matt D. Lee said...


Art Sir said...

hey man asifa figure drawing thursday if your in the area

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